2017 Tree selection

Kleijn Nurseries and Garden Centre’s is pleased to announce our tree selection for 2017.

Our trees are mature , and ready to plant anytime. Our goal is to keep the trees listed in stock; call us to confirm availability. Not seeing that unique or elusive specie; we’ll try to track it down, and bring it in for you. Our trees generally come in recyclable plastic 15 gallon pots.

Click to download file
Click to download file
  • Albizia – Silk tree, pink silk tree, Mimosa
  • Amalanchier – Small shade tree, edible fruits, red fall color
  • Magnolia  Victoria – Evergreen foliage,with white flowers, fragrant
  • Magnolia Edith Bogue – Evergreen foliage, very hardy, white flowers
  • Magnolia Susan – Compact growing habit, red/ purple flowers
  • Laburnum Vossi – Great long trusses of yellow flowers
  • Liquidamber – Stunning deep burgundy fall color
  • Cornus Kousa Satomie – Red flowering dogwood
  • Cornus Eddie White Wonder – White flowering dogwoo
  • Autumn Blaze Acer – Maple of brilliant orange red fall colouring
  • Autumn Flame Acer – Maple of bright red color
  • Princeton Gold – Maple, foliage is bright golden yellow
  • Drummondii Acer – Maple, striking variegated foliage
  • Globosum Acer – Maple. Dense compact form,
  • Crimson King Acer – Maple of maroon foliage all summer
  • Pin Oak Palustris – Green, glossy leaves ,brilliant red fall color.
  • Red Oak Rubra – Glossy green leaves, rich red fall color
  • Shirotea Mt Fuji – Japanese flowering Cherrie white flower
  • Kwanzan – flowering cherry, double pink flower
  • Subhirtella Pendula – Weeping form, graceful, pink flowers
  • Prunus Pissardi – Ornamental plum, pink flowers, purple foliage
  • Katsura – delicate heart-shaped leaves, bright autumn colour
  • Malus Louisa – Weeping crabapple, pink flowers
  • Betula  pendula Youngii – Birch,  in weeping form
  • Betula Nigra – River Birch, bark peels in colorful flakes
  • Cercis Forest Pansy – Deep purple foliage, heart shaped
  • Robinia Frisia – Spectacular tree with golden-yellow leaves
  • Sorbus Cardinal Royal – Mountain ash, red berries
  • Salix Babilonica – Golden weeping willow
  • Caragana “Walker” – Pea shrub, yellow flowers. Small tree
  • Pyrus “Chanticleer” – heavy show of white flowers, fall colors
  • Pyrus “Red spire” – white flowers, brilliant fall colors
  • Palmatum Bloodgood – Upright Japanese maple, dark red leaves
  • Palmatum Waterfall – Weeping Japanese maple, finely texture cut leaves, turning red orange in the fall
  • Palmatum Crimson Queen – Weeping Japanese maple dark crimson leaf Color, turn scarlet in fall
  • Palmatum Red Dragon – Weeping Japanese maple, deep purple-red laced foliage
  • Palmatum Taiyo Nishike – A variegated, upright deciduous tree with green, pink and yellow leaves. Fall color is orange
  • Palmatum Beni Shichihenge – Narrow upright twiggy growing this shrubby cultivar has spectacular deep coral foliage with green and white variegation