Kleijn Nurseries and Garden Centre remains open during this unprecedented time. We are open from 10 am to 5 pm, everyday.

Our new parking spaces are being fully utilized

As hard as we worked to be ready for the 2020 gardening seasons, COVID19 has overwhelmed us, and our suppliers. Please bear with us, as stocks may be running low, and changing rapidly. We are working with our suppliers to restock as quickly as logistics can be overcome.

We have experienced unprecedented levels of traffic, and are so happy to be meeting so many new friends. We have brought on numerous extra staff to assist in making your visit fruitful.

Our spacious grounds have allowed us to follow the guidelines issued by the BC Provincial Health Officer, and we asked for your patience, kindness, and cooperation in our efforts to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. We asked that you follow physical distancing guidelines, assisted by various cues found in our facilities.

“Nol and I take pride in helping and answering all questions. These past weeks have seen a huge amount of new and loyal customers. We haven’t had the luxury to help as much as we usually do. It takes all we have to keep our place stocked up and ready for you all. We are in debt with two amazing ladies helping us, Rhonda and Paula. THANK YOU!”

Catherine Kleijn

Thank you for your support! We hope you stay safe, gardening at home.