Fruit Trees for 2019

Click to download file – 2019 Fruit Tree Selection

Here is a list of our 2 year old fruit trees “bare roots” selection for Fall 2018 – spring 2019.

Visit here for instructions on how to plant and care for your bare root fruit tree.


  • Fuji Red Sport : Late October, excellent eating apple, stores well.
  • Royal Gala  :  late summer apple. Hardy, vigorous tree. Firm, red apple.
  • Golden Gala: mid season, firm and sweet. Extremely crisp.
  • Red Gravenstein : Firm juicy with tart flavor.
  • King : large, red striped. Used for dessert, cooking and cider.
  • Golden Reinette : Medium apple with a fresh, crisp, juicy flavor.
  • Golden Russet : flesh is tart, sweet. Suitable for cider.
  • Red Northern Spy: best winter apple, late season. Red and hardy.
  • Honeycrisp : large round apple, very crisp and juicy. Excellent keeper.
  • Yellow Transparent: Green cooking apple. Hardy.
  • Spartan: Heavy producer. Dark red fruit, juicy and crisp. Eat fresh or cooked.
  • Florina : European scab free, matures mid-October. Red apple.
  • Liberty : similar to Spartan, scab and mildew resistant.
  • Columnar, Golden sentinel : scab resistant. Late august.
  • Columnar, Scarlet sentinel : Compact columnar apple. Late Oct.
  • Columnar, Macintosch: very hardy. Fruit is medium to large, red color.


  • Bartlett : medium large fruit, green when picked, bright yellow when ripe.
  • Flemish Beauty : Dwarf, vigorous and productive. Large fruit, blushed, juicy.
  • Bosc : Fruit is medium large, heavily russeted. Juicy and very sweet .
  • Highland : outstanding winter pear. Yellow, juicy and sweet.
  • Red Sensation : Red Bartlett, late summer.
  • Spartlett : Large fruit, yellow when ripe. Fresh eating or canning.
  • Clapp’s Favorite : fresh eating, large fruits with yellow skin and a red cheek.
  • Conference : dessert pear,  exceptional when cooked. long bell shaped fruits with firm flesh


  • Gold Plum : large, round bright yellow fruit, clingstone, early to mid-season. ”J”
  • Red Heart : Red skin, red flesh. Sweet flavor. “J”
  • Santa Rosa : Very large round fruit, dark red skin, yellow flesh. “J”
  • Italian Plum : Dark purple skin, yellow flesh, freestone. “E”
  • Black Amber: Very large. Black with amber flesh. Fresh eating or cooking. “J”


  • Compact Stella : Early, heavy crops of black heart shaped fruit.
  • Lapins : Resistant to cracking, large fruit.
  • Bing : Deep dark red/black fruit, firm and juicy. Requires pollinator.
  • Sweetheart: Bright red, large fruit. Very productive. Late July.
  • Rainier : Large, yellow cherry with red blush. Delicate flavor. Need pollinator.


  • Glohaven large fruit, free stone, early august
  • Red Haven : large fruit, semi free stone, mid august


  • Redgold : large, glossy, highly colored fruit with firm and juicy, freestone flesh.


  • Champion : sweet and flavorful, good for coastal areas.
  • Le borgeot : Pear flavor. Great for jams and jellies.

Regarding Pollination and Pollinators:

Some fruit trees are semi or full self-fertile, but most need a pollinator to produce a heavy fruit crop. A pollinator is another variety with a flower season that overlaps the variety in question and produces adequate pollen. Many urban areas have enough existing fruit trees so pollination is never a problem. If there are none nearby, it is necessary to plant pollinators.

We do our best to source quality trees, refunds on bare roots are, unfortunately, not available. Trees subject to availability.