Kleijn Nurseries and Garden Centre’s trees are mature , and ready to plant anytime. Our goal is to keep the trees listed in stock; call us to confirm availability. Not seeing that unique or elusive specie? We’ll try to track it down, and bring it in for you. Our trees generally come in recyclable plastic 15 gallon pots.

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General Availability

  • Albizia – Silk tree, pink silk tree, Mimosa
  • Amalanchier – Small shade tree, edible fruits, red fall color
  • Magnolia  Victoria – Evergreen foliage,with white flowers, fragrant
  • Magnolia Edith Bogue – Evergreen foliage, very hardy, white flowers
  • Magnolia Susan – Compact growing habit, red/ purple flowers
  • Laburnum Vossi – Great long trusses of yellow flowers
  • Liquidamber – Stunning deep burgundy fall color
  • Cornus Kousa Satomie – Red flowering dogwood
  • Cornus Eddie White Wonder – White flowering dogwoo
  • Autumn Blaze Acer – Maple of brilliant orange red fall colouring
  • Autumn Flame Acer – Maple of bright red color
  • Princeton Gold – Maple, foliage is bright golden yellow
  • Drummondii Acer – Maple, striking variegated foliage
  • Globosum Acer – Maple. Dense compact form,
  • Crimson King Acer – Maple of maroon foliage all summer
  • Pin Oak Palustris – Green, glossy leaves ,brilliant red fall color.
  • Red Oak Rubra – Glossy green leaves, rich red fall color
  • Shirotea Mt Fuji – Japanese flowering Cherrie white flower
  • Kwanzan – flowering cherry, double pink flower
  • Subhirtella Pendula – Weeping form, graceful, pink flowers
  • Prunus Pissardi – Ornamental plum, pink flowers, purple foliage
  • Katsura – delicate heart-shaped leaves, bright autumn colour
  • Malus Louisa – Weeping crabapple, pink flowers
  • Betula  pendula Youngii – Birch,  in weeping form
  • Betula Nigra – River Birch, bark peels in colorful flakes
  • Cercis Forest Pansy – Deep purple foliage, heart shaped
  • Robinia Frisia – Spectacular tree with golden-yellow leaves
  • Sorbus Cardinal Royal – Mountain ash, red berries
  • Salix Babilonica – Golden weeping willow
  • Caragana “Walker” – Pea shrub, yellow flowers. Small tree
  • Pyrus “Chanticleer” – heavy show of white flowers, fall colors
  • Pyrus “Red spire” – white flowers, brilliant fall colors
  • Palmatum Bloodgood – Upright Japanese maple, dark red leaves
  • Palmatum Waterfall – Weeping Japanese maple, finely texture cut leaves, turning red orange in the fall
  • Palmatum Crimson Queen – Weeping Japanese maple dark crimson leaf Color, turn scarlet in fall
  • Palmatum Red Dragon – Weeping Japanese maple, deep purple-red laced foliage
  • Palmatum Taiyo Nishike – A variegated, upright deciduous tree with green, pink and yellow leaves. Fall color is orange
  • Palmatum Beni Shichihenge – Narrow upright twiggy growing this shrubby cultivar has spectacular deep coral foliage with green and white variegation
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